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Zine: International Zine Month 2021

Zine: International Zine Month 2021

2020 was the first time I participated in International Zine Month, and I challenged myself to make a mini-zine every single day for the whole month. That was a pretty tough challenge, and while I did manage to make 31 mini-zines, I didn’t quite do it within a month, and my project continued on into August. This year, I was determined to complete my challenge within the time, so I set out at the start of July to make a zine page every single day... and then in the middle of July I tested positive for Covid-19 and my plans were thoroughly spun out of order! July was really not my month! However, I am really happy to be adding this listing... I wasn’t sure this zine was going to get finished, but at the end of our quarantine I was extra-determined to finish these pages... even if it was no longer International Zine Month anymore! I managed! Ta-dah!

This little zine is indeed complete, and hopefully next year, my July will not be a dramatic as this one was! Despite all the drama, it was a fun project and I can’t wait to do it all again next year... preferably minus the Covid next time!!

International Zine Month 2021 is a 36-page zine, and printed in beautifully brilliant full-colour on a shiny high-quality 130gsm recycled silk paper, and bound with a stapled finish as an A5 portrait zine.