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Postcard: Umbreon

Postcard: Umbreon

Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokémon. A Dark type. As a nocturnal Pokémon, Umbreon's large eyes can distinguish prey even during the darkest of nights. When its skin is able to absorb moonlight, the circles on its body faintly glow, and a strange power is awakened. When an Eevee has had sufficient training and is exposed to moonlight, it evolves into an Umbreon.

My artwork is printed in fantastic full-colour on 300gsm heavyweight acid-free cardstock. The artwork side has a matte protective coating, while the back is left uncoated to allow you to write lots of wonderful messages to all your friends and family! These postcards are A6 in size.

All orders come wrapped in biodegradable and/or upcycled packaging, and I would love to encourage you to re-use the packaging as much as possible to give it a good long life!