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Pin: Caterpie

Pin: Caterpie

It's easy to catch, and it grows quickly, making it one of the top recommendations for novice Pokémon Trainers. Its feet have suction cups designed to stick to any surface. It tenaciously climbs trees to forage. Perhaps because it would like to grow up quickly, it has a voracious appetite, eating a hundred leaves a day. Its body is soft and weak. In nature, its perpetual fate is to be seen by others as food. For protection, it releases a horrible stench from the antennae on its head to drive away enemies.

These pins are fantastic full-colour quality printed button badges with steel pin-backs. They are 38mm in size.

All orders come wrapped in biodegradable and/or upcycled packaging, and I would love to encourage you to re-use the packaging as much as possible to give it a good long life!