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Zine: Munich Jewellery Week 2019

Zine: Munich Jewellery Week 2019

"Munich Jewellery Week is considered to be one of the most significant international meeting of contemporary jewellery design and is a meeting point for collectors, gallerists, and jewellery artists from around the world."

My first visit to Munich Jewellery Week was last year as a Master's student, at The Birmingham School of Jewellery, who was just starting on her adventure, and this year I was back in Munich to present the work I created during my time on that MA, alongside my fellow students, as Oscillations Exhibition. This is a series that documents my adventures at Munich Jewellery Week. It is a part travel journal, part reflections on my experience as a curator, and part a collection of reviews of jewellery exhibitions.

I hope you enjoy reading about my jewellery adventures...

Munich Jewellery Week 2019 is a 16-page zine, and printed in beautifully brilliant full-colour on a shiny high-quality 170gsm gloss paper, then stapled to finish as an A5 zine.